I think we need to go.

As usual nothing worked

Because I trusted

Because nothing was up to me

Because the money wasn’t mine

The power never is

And the choices are always bad.

And I always choose

Based on some spiritual ideal

That doesn’t exist

And the people that judge

And say it does

And tell me to make my decisions

Aren’t in my shoes

And don’t have to live my life.

And it’s a hell of a lonely one.

And I’m just trying to do my best

With nothing to show for it ever

And what I have

I built,

they come to destroy

Because what I am

And what I can do

Is never good enough

For them.

And so I suffer.

We suffer.

But now it’s too much.

I’ve been lied to one time too many

In their quest to save me.

And it’s all crashing down

In a really bad way.

I have to go.

I know I must.

I don’t know how

But I have nothing else.

Nothing else at all.

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