i have not made it through ok.
it did not work out.
i did not
for all intents and purposes
and you know what?
it just is what it is.
i was so often right.
that others have it easier.
that they will walk away.
and that i,
i will carry the weight of the death
and the burden of proof
and simply add it
to my already uncarryable load.
and as i get ever more weighed down
and crumple
under my own impossible life
i will watch and know
that i was duped and destroyed
by my own stupidity at best.
may they suffer in their lies.
i have no more kindness to give.
they stole it
and there wasn’t enough of me left
to reproduce the cells
of anything good
i have no power.
the little i had was in naive goodness
and look where that all got me.
i give what’s left
to the devil now.
and good luck.
may there be no one
to mourn you.

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