our feet in moss.

everything is about to start changing so drastically.

ive stopped thinking altogether cause frankly,

i cant handle the thoughts.

im doing what i need to do, basically at least, each day.

i know theres huge change around the corner

and while i didnt choose it, i must accept and move on.

really on

-and have all that comes with.

i dont even feel scared.

sometimes i feel sad, but thats in the why and not in the how.

its pretty typical really and i guess im just used to it by now.

im almost curious as to whats on the other end,

cause why not?

but the experience itself,

is fairly lost on me.

i know i dont have what i need. i know i am deficient, i know i am not.

i must do what i must though and so here goes whatever this is.

we’re getting awfully close to the last hurrah.

this’ll be it.

im trying really hard to get it all in now.

really really hard.

as many hikes as i can.

as much time in what i love.

gathering evidence,

gathering space,

gathering time.

and holding it,


small feet with mine.

its what counts.

its what counts.

i believe,

in nothing else.

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