the first

theres a life that goes on

here in my space,

with unclicked ads

from places i subscribed to,

for the perfect item,

or the greatest adventure,

in a masterful seeking

for the one that i loved.


i had all these cards,

i gathered in plan

cause im brilliant at that

and it meant something big..

and slowly,

i threw away,

the pieces i curated

for a love that didnt love back..

and id find small reminders,

in painful corners

where id missed when i tried

to erase.


so i learned to accept

and i let myself be,

cause i couldnt undo

what was done.

and i kept those few cards

and allowed letters to come

and even peek at them now

and again..


and i say soft name

and i gather my heart

as i acknowledge the date

on my palm.






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