living dead.

ive nothing to say anymore.

ive accepted all.

ive stopped fighting.

there was only one thing i had any fight in me left for anyway

and for the moment at least theres a reprieve.

i no longer have wants

i have not had needs for years

and whatever it was i did want

i have taken the clear statements

and moved far away.

i have no desire to be that girl anymore

i will never again want anyone that doesnt want me more

than i want them.

i will never give anyone that power.

i am free and clear

and completely empty.

i am filling out the forms

and filing all the crap

and never feel anything

save a bit of panic now and again

and thats nothing really,

cause thats just my mind

and my mind has no place

in any of this


it died just a short time after my heart.

and i dont think i miss

either one.

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