i am so terribly sad.

im trying to find a way around it

but i think im too far gone…

i cant be ok like this

happiness isnt even a thought,

i draw lines around my smiles

all pointing to the death of my unwanted heart.

i cant share this world

with all the knowing,

i cant be here with you.

i dont know what i was meant for

and i no longer care to know.

the pain i feel is so intense

it hurts to be awake

at least in dreams

im not alone

and i feel you feeling me.

i know myself just well enough,

to know this never leaves,

and i pray every day,

that i lose this feeling

but no ones listening..

i know that now too.

im all wrong

and ive been rejected

and it is clear

im not enough,

maybe though,

i can just stop it all

cause whats the difference

if i cant catch my breath then?

whats the difference



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