sometimes i talk to you.

like youre here.

the way you were.

and in that place

im just ok.

perfect as a matter of fact.



full of joy.

i find myself smiling

as i am now

cause its what you brought

to life

in me,

and i feel deep things

that bring forth tears

but i have no idea what they are for.

you cant possibly know

the love that i have

the levels to which id go.

i think it would be

impossible to leave

if one knew

that that existed

for them.

for them alone.

and so i smile

through tears

and wish the world away

and feel your space

in mine.

and i know to the deepest depths of my core

that a love like that




so i hold on

as i always will

in this poisoned perfect mistake

and i dream a dream

where you exist

while the drugs take me


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