Making the deal

I was always right.

Not because I’m impressive.

Or even smart.

Just because I am an expert

On my life.

I care about nothing.

Really really nothing.

I’m looking to score the best business deal I can.

And I’m being open about it.

And I don’t care about anything else.

I just want to stop feeling pain.

I want to stop feeling.

I want to just stop.

I cried so hard today I thought thought I would go into cardiac arrest.

My life is humiliating.

My life is some type of warped sacrifice.

My life is not a life.

And I know this is the last chapter.

Because I know that I’ve made up my mind.

And I know that I’ve stopped to care.

And I know that I no longer feel

Anything except my pain.

And here I am

On the auction block.

Stepping off.

Because there’s nothing left to care about.

I have no love to give.

I have only needs.

And they’re not even my own.

So here’s to the next chapter.

Goodbye willow.

You are no longer needed.

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