i am so exhausted.

my life is once again being led away from me.

and i cant do anything about it

because i dont hold the reigns.

its a vicious cycle,

one that repeats forever,

like the inside of the universe,

dull and pointless,

killing all.

and its always the same

though the people may change

and the place may shift.

and the year marches on..

i feel terrible guilt,

because its not only my life

that gets destroyed here,,

and i chose to do that.

because i said,

i must be wrong.

and pessimistic

and not realistic.

this isnt reality

and so much must be in my head,

or by my hand,

and things,

will be good.

but they werent.

they arent.

they never are.

and here i am.

once more.

im always right.

though i wish i wasnt.

and what i would sell

for it to be different.

i wish this on no one.

and pray for it just to stop.

it really is

too long




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