life in a plastic bag

this is too hard.

it’s just always like this.

it always comes down to the same thing

and i never have a way out.

i wish i was something else.

i really don’t like what i am and no matter

if one may tell me it has the greatest worth,

it doesn’t.

i know that to be true.

because at the end of the day

it doesn’t put food on the table

and i am always,


relying on others,

which means i must do as they say

or we don’t live.

and that is worthless at best

and way worse than that

at worst.

im too tired to keep going through this

it’s too much strain

on my already weary heart.

one of these days

it’ll give out,

and then i’ll finally breathe.

for now, i’ll continue to put one foot

in front of the other

and try not to trip

on my increasingly hazy


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