noise and time.

i am learning to be quiet.

theres much to say,

if i felt there was a point..

theres much to feel,

but i rarely let myself


theres always noise

but thats all it is at this point,

and theres no soundtrack left,

its just bruises and bumps

and the occasional silent scream..

i think i feel less,


i know i do,

and i dont miss that feeling anymore,

though i did at one point..


with each week that goes by,

the silence roars louder,

with each day i tread past,

that dumb young girl

falls farther into the earth..

and im glad for it.

i dont miss her.

the current version is so much more-


and none if it matters

and neither does she,

and none of it counts

cause she never did.

and none of it means anything at all,

just like


and thats ok.

its all ok now.

its all just ok.

and in a way,,

thats really nice.

if only i could have found the map to here

that much sooner.

i like this place.

of shaved bone,

and stiffened hearts

and closed ears

and shuttered eyes,

and silenced mouth

and hazy soul.

its a good place.

best place ive been

in a long

long time.



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