i want to say things

and i cant.

or im held back

by propriety

or rules.

unspoken rules.

i can do stuff,

i can be there.

i can help.

i care.

i want to help.

cause whether it is or not

i still want it all good

for mine.

and whether thats wanted or not


is mine.

i just dont have a way to say it.

this is so ill fitting.

i remember the ease.

what a joy that was,

i remember the fit,

what a rare



and here i am


by rules

of disengagement.

they can turn down my help,

ill still want

to help.

i feel its my place

even if you dont.

let the world spin round.

im twirling here.

being me.

its not wanted now.

but thats ok.

its ok,

it is.

it is.

it has to be.

and so,

it is.


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