to be honest,

i dont think i can do it.

im going to put my best foot forward

and try.

im bringing clothes for it,

and im going to just mask it all.

i think though,

the timing here was perfect.

i know the truth

and i know what i need

and i know,

that no matter how well i succeed

at this foolish game,

i just want

to be tucked away in a corner

with the one i match souls with

and talk,

about nothing really-

and laugh

about so much,

and have that feeling i havnt felt

in way too long,,

where the world is just right

and whatever my journey need be

is ok,

cause i get to have this.

and this,

is everything.

i have such a headache right now.

i cant stop my brain

from twisting itself into knots.

i dont know how to do this.

i cant breathe.

i cant breathe.








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