scapegoat drowning

im panicking.

its midday and i have stuff I’m supposed to be doing.

but i don’t want to go,

so i don’t want to do.

and im cold.

so cold.

and tired,

like in the way that it hurts

to hold my head up.

but mostly im scared

and sad

and feel like im jumping

off a cliff.

and i am.

to hell.

where i lose the last vestiges

of me.

and everything else

that meant anything


i know it’s not very much,

and im holding onto nothing

that’s holding onto me,

but i still can’t help but feel,

like everything’s dying

all at once.

even though i know

it’s already dead,

and this is other people’s way

of keeping me


but i,

don’t want it.

not even




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