it feels like im preparing for finality.

ive given up on what i wanted

and im about to step into the unkown.

i dont want to go where im going

but i dont have another option.

i feel like im selling out

and i know ill be a stranger in a strange land

but the time has come to lie

and put on a mask,

like the one who always did.

maybe thats the lesson in all of this.

you become what you disdain,

and without any understanding still,

are forced to that side of the fence.



and shrouded.




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1 Response to goodbye

  1. Your Name

    Bring sweet joy
    into my world
    the likes of which
    I have never

    Become a part
    of my inner being
    never ever leaving
    my spirit alone

    Comfort me with
    your caring love,
    bringing alive within
    me a subtle change

    So the only song
    my heart will know
    shall be the one which
    happily bears your name.

    “Sending you smiles my sister”.

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