sad sad broken world.

i think everything is broken.

i know i am,

and nothing makes sense


im sad.

and i don’t know

how not to be.

im looking for something

that doesn’t seem to exist,

and i seem odd

for even wanting it to.

im a mess.

like a real big mess.

too skinny,

more shakey,

and so fearful it’s scary…

i don’t know

what to do with me,

but i do know,

that unless someone

really really gets me,

they won’t know either.

and that’s the truth.

i need so much,

and all i have to give,

is me.

and that’s

becoming less and less

every day.

and i don’t have energy.

and I don’t have hope,

and I don’t have strength,

and i have lots and lots of sadness.

Oceans full of sadness.

endless space

just full of sad.

and i don’t know how

to let it go.

that’s all.

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