youre a baby. im a lost cause.

i lost my keys

and mailed back the wrong boots.

nothing fits

and my stomach is killing me.

im so sick of pretending

and so tired

of having to come up

with stuff to say

and just so done

with all these stupid people

and my own incredibly lousy

acting ability.

no ones going to fit.

no ones going to understand me.

and no one is going to hold my interest.


im tired.

so tired.

id like to be a crab.

i know,

im already a crab.

i meant the real one.

i need a shell to hide in.

pretend im dead.

now that,

sounds good.


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2 Responses to youre a baby. im a lost cause.

  1. I know the feeling. Sometimes, I wish I had a shell to hide in too. A real one…

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