i cant stand any of them.

i think i just made someone cry.

i have little rope to spare,

im busy hanging myself on it…

there is no end to the amount of stupidity

that is for sale,

no limit to the amount of lewd come-ons

a man has in his sheath.

and man, if i wasnt drunk now,

i would cry.

i am so ill fitted to everyone

and everything,

its almost funny.

or would be-

if i had a sense of humor.

i think i was just really mean to someone.

and i dont care.

he was an idiot,

looking for a skinny wife.

go fuck yourself you stupid loser.

youre certainly not getting me.

im going to drink some more.

cause i know the truth.


and all those other losers,

may like my picture..

but i,

i am nothing.

nothing at all..


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