off to market, a real bargain, i promise.

im so weak.

a broken frond,

attached to nothing.

my head is swimming,

and i don’t know

if it’s from being up all night,

or if this is just me now.

they say it’s not normal

to deal with all this stuff,

and i believe them,

but it’s my life..

they say i need a man

or love

or just another set of hands,

to hold,


and all that might indeed

be true-

but id still be stuck with me.

and me just isn’t worth


i have learnt great truth here.

and it’s pretty basic math,

and im a pretty simple girl,

but if im not worth keeping-

then thats pretty universal.

unless of course,

im someone else.

and if i have to paint my nails

or be stupid

i will.

its not like i have

to give up on my dreams,

theyre already gone,,

from there,

it was easy.

easier at least.

you cant wake the dead.

but you can make new life.

all you got to do

is sell the damn cow.



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