its like im making these decisions

i dont want to make.

and all i end up with,

is its time to stop being me.

i think ive given more than enough time

and more than enough skin

to a game that i cant


and all those thoughts that i push down,

the curses that i keep in check,

theyre starting to slide off my tongue

and into the night

where i find myself more and more

on the dark side

of the witches brew.

ive got nothing left

i dont think,

where kindness is concerned.

i dont feel a push for love

i dont want anyone.

anyone at all.

and those that hurt me

can burn.

alive or dead.

i find a lack of heart

to care


you took that.

you had it.

you took it

and trampled it.

and i

no longer want to be

that girl.

no one wanted her.

she just has pain.

and damn awful bad luck.

i am on this petrifying coast

of realizing

that i must give her up

to have anything at all.

youre right.

youre all right.

put me out in the alley

to die by mouth or sword.

im not worth

im not worth

im not worth.

for whatever time i have left,

if theyre smart theyll stay away,

and hope i dont dream of them,

because its all turned to poison.

and theres no goodness left

to redeem your pathetic soul.

you used it up.

thats all.

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