so prolific

is this pain.

it’s like skin

sloughing off..

im dizzy,

and weak,

and have cried so much

in the last two days

that my eyes are burning


i am in so much need

and so much agony

that i don’t even feel

the wanting anymore.

it’s all gone,

i know it is.

i got the memo

loud and clear.

my job now,

is too hold auditions

for that which makes me

hurt the least.

and if i knew of a way,

to erase it all-

i would.

but i don’t.

so the best i can do,

it’s try to rewrite me

with someone else’s

wanting hands.

and there goes

that girl.

gone in a sentence.

gone in a hoax.

gone in her own stupidity

wrapped in a dream.

she wasn’t really worth

that much anyway though,

was she?

just a little bitty lie.

and thats not much,

at all.

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