gentle giant.

i woke up.

i have a headache.

im being chased

i can’t be chased.

i don’t have anywhere to go.

i can’t believe he’s gone.

my world is forever changed.

and I have no way to make it better.

there’s nothing keeping this town up.

and there’s so little keeping me up.

and yet everything

keeps me up.

i want to be accepted like that again.

i want my teacher back.

i want to believe just a little bit

in this world I don’t believe in


i just wanna stand

and watch the reece’s pieces fall

and have the opportunity

to learn another lesson

while being hugged

by someone

who will never let me go.

my heart hurts.

my soul is grappling

i know too many truths.

and they’re too much to bear.

and yet,

i must learn

more truth.

please don’t stop believing in me.

i can’t be this useless.

i can’t be this confused.

i can’t be this alone.

im hurting.

and id like to hear a pun or two.

and be thanked for nothing.

and show my boy

a true giant.

who am i going to show my boy?

what do i do?

i can’t stop crying.

my house is falling.

my world is falling.

and it’s all so much bigger

than me.

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