lock and key.

i know how much

i need the simple

and im beginning to know

what that looks like.

for the first time ever,

i have a list

and things i never thought

would be numbered

are there.

i even know what they look like,

i never did,

but now i do.

i know

how much words

are worth…

and i know that behind those words

theres must be strength.

and honor,

and humility,

and confidence…

and the ability to build

beyond that

which everyone else says

is impossible.

and i need to know,

that they know,

that nobody else counts.

cause its just us in here,

in this beautiful place

we will build.

i know what i need.

its step number one.

and i dream of those eyes.

i will know them.

i will.

and he

will never




and for that,

and only that,

will i

climb aboard

that ship.


the spell

is broken.

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