faeries folly

i got lost.

so lost.

been tooling around

the wrong garden

for years.

the flowers were fake.

or dead.

and they made me dead


i wonder if i can still

access my wings..

i need to find a home

and it’s not going to be

where poison

rains down.

cause i don’t have any heart left

for that kind of

slow, dripping


i know what it smells like now.

and im just not game.

im not that bright,

but I’ve got some basic



i am a single white female,

possibly human,

possibly not.

looking for a woods

to call my own.

i can make things grow.

that’s about it.

and no.

i don’t have a resume.

it got destroyed

with the rest

of me,

back there.

forward soldier.


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