acceptance my child.

i can’t do this.

im fighting for nothing.

either way i lose.

its never ok

and it won’t be ok.

i can’t succeed

i can’t make people happy

i can’t do what im supposed to,

cause im one stupid leg

of an old broken table,

that never held anything

worth anything


and there i am each time

holding the dustpan

being the broom

sweeping the mess i chose

with my ugly useless body

while everyone sits in oblivion

and shakes their heads

for lack of understanding

of the fundamentals

of this damned stupid life

that never had a chance

in the first place.

and i dare to dream

that someone would take

any of this on?

what am i, an idiot?

if that was my only problem

id be in decent shape.

stupid, stupid, stupid girl.

it’s over. get a grip.

slow slide, that’s it.

slow slide.

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