the world is so goddamn loud.

I felt so calm

and able

and reasonable

and real..

and i sat apart

in awkward space

of only me

and how that’s ok.

and in long drawn breath

of lone supposed to

you snuck in

and stole my space,

where i alone

could never be

cause small ones drown

in the wealthy’s indifference

and while id like

to be that strong

and maybe i am

or maybe I don’t need to be

louder or stronger

or matching in cruelty

or able to walk

their ridiculous tightrope

of things that don’t matter

and sugared up emptiness

in a place that just needs to die…

i guess the point is,

that with all the realizations

and with all the breathing

im still so alone

and i just don’t want to be.

that’s all.

just that..

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