slight of hand

if it rained

what i felt

with each breath i took,

the earth would

be devoid

of life-

and the very


that lies

as cover

would harden

and turn

to fuel.


if the ground

could swallow

all that

is kept

in each



of mine,-

it would

cease to be


and spew

fiery death,


every seed

ever sewn.


-and if the sun

could see,

the death

it brings

when it moves

the fog


the greatest star

would burn up

from inside

and all

would go black

in a night.


and water;

-if water

could hear

the cries


the moans

of she who’s meant

to bear life,

its flowing

would cease,

and the rain

would still,

and the world

would drown

in a breath.


and that broken world,,

the new

and the old,

where i

am forced now

to be,

by rules not my own,

by decisions not mine,

by those cruelties

that nature



so lay i here,

in dizzied tears

of all that is lost

and love found

lay buried in ashes

in that world

that lies broken

by the useless love planted

in you.



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