Endless Ivy

i know who you are

i know what your worth

i know all you hide

and i know that you dont.

you deny your demons

you deny your bad

you deny yourself

you deny me love.

i see you though,

in a forest of lanterns

swung high from trees

with ivy and stone

in those foggy shots

you work so hard to find

and send

in a web

cause that is just you .

and that, love,








it is,

it is.


it is.

it is.

but youll never see.

no, youll never see.

’cause you just cant look,

at the horror that is.

and you just cant look

at the mirror i hold.

and watch the burnt flesh

the dark eyes

you disdain,

the sad dreams you created

on that haunted warped stage…

and those lies,

that you tell,

those lies in your heart,

searing love

searing dreams

searing me

at my core..

cause all you are

is a bundle of




horrified –


by the frightening strength

of your own


in a cave of darkness

with the wrath of the weak

in nooks of lies

in a life yes! unlived;

not strong in self

not brave at all

not knowing who

to be.

and you cant breathe,



~ breathe ~

youre not brave enough,

to breathe.

to be who you are.

to take what you want.

to shake all the trees

and leave.

-and so,

a beast

in painful ties

of muscled frenzy

comes out

at night,

when its dark

and its safe,

and you think that youre brave

cause no one can see

your shuddering form-

and you think that youre strong

cause no one holds on.

and you shrink

into nothing,

’cause nothing-

is safe.

and you lay there punching

in extreme defense

of the very thing

that makes you


of the very thing,

that i know-

makes you,


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1 Response to Endless Ivy

  1. e says:

    Your words physically impact one’s heart

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