caps for sale

what’s it worth 


all the truth and the lies,

now melded into

one great lord

of the flies,

in the great must

of god 

and his colors

and wins-

lay the ones

we don’t like

in the heyday of


for the better of life-

where the outcome of all,

seems to shrink

down to those

who laugh at who


then snivel in wealth


spoiled burnt sun..

in the absence

of light

at behest of the “one”,

they’ll grow that now too

and tell us it’s life

for the fabled famed


who wield 

satans knife,,

and charge us a million

then take it all back

steal us our strength

peeking through 

leaking  sacks,,

and burn down our trees

in the gardens we grow

heap up the hype 

using leaves as their show.

yet covered in weeds 

still insisting on breath

we hold onto hands

but thrice taken

by death,

in rainbows of hearts

and mysterious brains

where they said it’d wilt

in infertile rains;

now stand strong 

in their mud

not their ground 

nor there slaves 

gently whispering 


laying plants 

on their graves. 

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