Secrets of a wood nymph

i wonder what its like

to be made love to

like that..

where all of the world

seems to stop

all at once

and the earth spins faster

till youre dizzy

with need

and your breath halts in place

while gasping for more

and your hands can’t stop moving

in the panic

of life..

i wonder what its like

to feel that inside

and know that the outside

has finally caught up

with the need

and the pain

and the fears

and the dreams

and the feeling that


might never happen,

but have.

and in that moment,

of coming into

where hearts have collided,

and breath

becomes one

and you cannot distinguish

one drop

from the next,

where heavy doesn’t feel

and feelings don’t weigh

and tongues languish


on shoulders

and ears

and fingers lay


grasping love

in their


perhaps in that world

i would finally


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6 Responses to Secrets of a wood nymph

  1. Richard Saunders says:

    There is a vine entwined floral arch

    At the entrance to a garden of wonderful delights;

    A portal between a world of pain

    And a paradise of the sweetest scents and sounds and sights.

    You stand on the hither side of this gate,

    Pining for what lies beyond,

    Not knowing the only step you must take

    Is the wave of imagination’s magic wand.

    The reality we fear that holds us fast

    Is a bond that resides in our mind alone;

    The freedom we seek but cannot find

    Is the freedom with which a wish we can own.

    You find yourself on the thither side now,

    Having let go of fetters you had held in place,

    Free to soar, to feel, to scream,

    To melt into love’s warm and safe embrace.

  2. Richard Saunders says:

    Everything begins and ends in the mind, and much of the rest is a manifestation of what’s in the mind. So, while it’s not “all in the mind,” far more than almost any of us realize is.

    That which seems insurmountable rarely is. That which feels unbearable can be borne. That which feels unattainable, but does not exceed the bounds of physical reality or current technological capability, can usually be attained. Pain does not have to define us, though it tries to, constantly. There is a freedom awaiting us all, that nothing can prevent a determined mind and soul from grasping hold of and making one’s own.

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