stay away, lest we empty the sea…

im gonna come get you

in my pea green boat

and drag you overboard



where blessings are yelled

over moonbeams of sun

and the answers lay 


in the night…

back where soft moans

are music

and fingers strum


and your sweetness

lay bare

in my hands..

there i,

tied up in you

at hearts singular


and bequeath silent vow

in your


tween great 


of soft now

with lips holding

my own

lie in grace


embraced by 

your soul. 

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2 Responses to stay away, lest we empty the sea…

  1. Eulaine says:

    THE most romantic imagery ever. I was transported back to that one man in my past who made me feel what your poem reminded me ,happily, that I was capable of feeling.

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