i couldnt rhyme it if I tried. 

teach me how to roll cookies again

ill pretend I don’t know how at all

only to see your hands

nearby mine oh! once more

likd they were in our time

now in peace..

in beneficent way

while holding my hands

in soft love

in the sacred embrace of

your own,

I’d give all of my hours

just for minutes of you

here in deepest of pains

borne of cost..

oh! to see perfect face

of the one who sees me

care not for scars of love

or love lost.

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4 Responses to i couldnt rhyme it if I tried. 

  1. Indy says:

    Makes it hard to breathe.

  2. Eulaine says:

    …made me remember my Mom, we never baked together, yet, we had that kind of relationship

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