digruntled poet seeks honesty. (or- plagiarism sucks!)

someones gone and stole my art

theyve plagiarized my very heart,

with crooked gall they gathered in

my honest thoughts in shallow sin,

i pray they see whats just and right

i have no want to pick a fight,

till then i hold at strong front line

in firm defense of what is mine.

and here goes something folks.

-link to my piece


-and here is the shameless plagiarized version.


people have re-blogged my poems before. appropriately and with given credit.

i have no problem with that, it is actually incredibly flattering, especially in this wonderful community of poets i have come to love. this though, is really rather appalling.

im more the apology and hug type of gal. heres hoping this ends in that.

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5 Responses to digruntled poet seeks honesty. (or- plagiarism sucks!)

  1. Wonderful poem above.I feel for you as a fellow poet.You can never be an artist if you do not possess morals and dignity.Can’t you report that???You should.

  2. AinaBalagtas says:

    Sorry about this Viva. I can relate, coz I was once a victim too. Your culprit deleted the post already.

  3. AinaBalagtas says:

    Sorry for the late response. Heat waves and raging lava flows are up here in Hawaii. My COPD is killing me.

    Nonetheless, I wish WordPress has a procedure in places to address this growing concern.

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