if you could only learn the words.

still in frantic search of i

in deep canals of lore

listening to ones sweet caress

in harrowed search of more

in godly wake of sight intense

and tiny hands that hold

sit i upon once perfect hope

etched thin in priceless gold

with waving life called too intense

where life once lost its breath

and treasured girl stepped off that path

into dark hands of death

where now is called still hailed and true

by mighty chief of heart

but echoed sounds shout lies in place

and muddy up each start

through tattered nights at devils door

with shattered heart below

stand i alone on broken path

with just nowhere to go..

About lifeofawillow

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2 Responses to if you could only learn the words.

  1. tweetyb8o8 says:

    I’m so awed. . .by you; by your inspiration. . .as always. Thank you for this gem!

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