flight out of hell

fuck this all.

i cant be here!

cant you see?

with you dragons of famine

laying stones in my heart

and your tell tale claws

gripping tighter each day..

i cant see anymore!

just a faint shadowed once

of a silly worn dream

now lay dead

in your arms…

lay me down!

please just once

in that moment of slumber

come to cursed horned beast..

may i be shriveled?

i may, i might

or torn or beaten

or dead dead dead dead..

but im not.

no im not!

nor have i ever been

not in heavens description

or in this cursed hades hands

for a second in time or for life

been called


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2 Responses to flight out of hell

  1. AinaBalagtas says:

    enormous, and riveting as always!

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