right there. right. there.

if i made love to you

right now

it would be

a sad love

of olive branches


and hearts

that have bent

under the

resounding weight

of everyone elses


and the terrible truth

that i

still have

my own.

and thats all they are

my own.



in my arms

‘neath my weight

‘tween my legs

in that place

where my mouth

and my fingers

meet plenty

meet air

meet you,

youd be in trouble

cause for once

in unchained time

my heart would beat louder

than my mind

ever could

and that

would be


all youd hear

and all i

would finally


and that my love,

is where i




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5 Responses to right there. right. there.

  1. Noora says:

    If I could like it twice, I would. Beautiful piece.

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