Its gotta be. Its just gotta..

i just want that kiss.

that one

you know

where heads bend

and eyes meet

and lips touch

at last,

where tongues twirl

and bodies fit

and hearts pound now

in sync,

and legs meld,

with tightened thighs

and hips align

in need,

and hands are where

they were always

supposed to be

but left;

in a fit of right

in a fit of wrong

where wed never fit

at all –

but here at last

in deep


of long unrealized


where kisses


sweet magic


of love

that never


and hands hold tight

to what theyd lost

in pulsing

sacred grasp

and you and i

know now

at last

just what

a kiss

could be.

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2 Responses to Its gotta be. Its just gotta..

  1. tweetyb8o8 says:

    I so love this! Again, such an imagery!

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