tell me you saw me too. please.

i dreamed of you today.

i took a nap

and you were there.

like you used to be.

so quick.

and happy.

and with us all

at once.

and you smiled

so big

and you were happy

to be

– and you were

for a minute.

and i was there

and i just was

and you just were

and no one knew

that you were


your beauty



is that possible?

is it?

please let it be.


i need you

so badly.

im standing on your porch

im right here.

right here!

tell me where to go,

or how to stay

and what to do

with me.

you always knew.

and i never did.

i never learned.

show me.

im here.

i am!

i promise.

im not gone.

im not.





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2 Responses to tell me you saw me too. please.

  1. Lace muse says:

    Everything you write, so beautiful. I bet everyone that speaks to you feels elated.

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