I have never felt this.
Not ever.
Like my soul has been torn away
And all i have left
Are the lousy parts.
The parts that dont sleep
And dont eat
And dont pray
And dont talk
And give in
And give up
And lie
To myself
And over
And over
And now,
I cant pick up that phone
And hear you
And know
That you know.
And feel
All at once
That i am ok.
If only
Youre speaking – to me.
And i lay
Right now
In this sea
Of Violent tears
And forceful current
And it pulls at my toes
And i beg
That it take away
Whatevers left
Whatevers here,
Cause so much of me
Is gone
– and i,
Dont like
Or even know
The rest.
And cant bear
The terrible thought
Of having to learn it

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