of a hole

your gonna break me.

you are.

you are.

so i

no longer


with your careless jabs

and half wit marks

and thoughtless heartless grabs

you cut my legs off

slice me down

down the center of

my soul

without a trace

without a care

of me

or what i mean

and here i stand

alone each time

with no supporting beam

to stand me up

and catch

my fall

and kiss my heart

in peace –

and as much as i say no

i do

i need it

i do!

i do .

cause without that


am so small

and your gonna break me

you are.

or perhaps,

in time

ill look

at me

in mirrored



and see

that i

am just to late

cause indeed

my dear,

you halve.



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2 Responses to of a hole

  1. leniking says:

    Very powerful channelling of anger into an awesome poem full of metaphors

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