the sacred know

love me, please love me

take my fool heart in hand

tame the tough earth

where i stand,

hold on to my soul

my wanting sweet heart

be still all the lies and the grand;

whisper my dreams

aloud where i hear

the possible tone in the night,

over fright filled false essence

of man gone too wrong

of strength given out to warped might;

grab my fist, match my step

just one stride ahead

clearing the bone hewn dark way,

stopping unyielding flow

of that poisonous doubt

and aged rancid need

where i lay.

cradle my head

in those soft made strong hands

wipe away tears with your own,

see the awesome sweet truth

through this backbone of steel

through the quaking scared lies

of the lone.

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2 Responses to the sacred know

  1. Your poems are beautiful. I loved the title to this one in particular, and my heart responded to the imagery.

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