soft moving hands

silently playing

a rhythmical music

of two

aching bent bodies

curved into one

the old touching space

with the new.

finely formed fingers

exploring the curves

holding lifes breath

in its way

finding the core

of all that needs finding

and willing that feeling

to stay.








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4 Responses to part1

  1. rich says:

    very well evoked. line 11, “lifes” needs an apostrophe

    • hey rich- thanks, so, your a grammar guy. read on then… i rarely punctuate. unless it suits the poems. i tend to use punctuation as nuance- and license. i like that you noticed that though.

      • rich says:

        i don’t capitalize. punctuation is different because it can change a word or change meaning. for me, capitalization holds no meaning. unless it’s all caps i guess.

      • i agree that punctuation is different. i am an uncapped person as well 🙂 sometimes i use the ambiguity of the lack of punctuation. sometimes i just choose less. a quirk i suppose.

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