im so sad.

so very, very sad.

i feel empty,

so empty.

and alone,

so alone.

and id like so much

to be with someone

that could love me

the way i am

so damaged

and such a failure

and so, so bad

at being part of

a pair.

but i want to be

i want to learn

how to love

but most of all

how to be loved.

and im so scared.

all the time.

all the g-d damn time.

and i hate it.

so much.

and i lose.

i lose.


ive never learnt

to give me.

and so i dont.

but i want to

i want to

and the only way

i ever will

is in someones arms.

and i know that.

i do.

and it hurts

to need.

so badly.

where are you?

come find me


because i need

to love.


and be loved

by you.

so much.

i dont deserve it.

i know i dont.

but im dying here.


so alone.

so alone.


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4 Responses to sos

  1. TheKis says:

    I have been a silent admirer. I am not a writer or a poet, but my daughter’s first love is creative writing and she is constantly contributing to fanfiction. I came across your poems, and have enjoyed them so much, because you are able to articulate deep feelings and struggles too many people are not even aware of. Today’s poems are particularly moving. Hang in there, and keep sharing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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