lonely girl with great regrets,

an island amid rough sea.

where seldom does come, a sailor ashore,

with a heart to set hers free.

fiercely protected, guarded by night,

and walls so high they soar,

fiery anger and deafening sound,

of her own, unmistakable roar.

wrapped up in armor, refusing to budge,

lest winds of change break in,

leaving no slack, she grabs onto herself,

atoning for lifes endless sin.

beating her back, tearing her skin,

screaming at what she could be,

makes her hold tighter, refusing to budge,

cause she knows what they just cant see.

slowly gets up, bleeding and ripped,

hurting from inside throughout,

shaking with fury, throwing it off,

scarred throat letting free a hoarse shout.

frightened and crying, alone in her corner,

that old unmistakable fear,

that no one will ever, want her or see her,

is simply more than she could bear.

so, she curls back up, and tucks herself in,

for another long , dark, fighting night,

and heart held in hand, she screams a sad song,

and fights love, with all of her might.

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