a halted breath

dont know how, dont know when,

all this came to be,

not sure why and not sure where,

my soul took leave of me,

running on, past days events,

and nights untethered dome,

looking for elusive peace,

a place to call my home,

moving fast and moving free,

its what i know, thats all,

shaking off lifes last pain,

in haunted darkened hall,

sick of fear, tired of doubt,

hating this lonely place,

out of breath, lost in time,

an endless pointless race.

screaming loud, slipping fast,

hold me tight, please, now,

i want to make it right, i do,

im just not sure quite how.

want to be held, so tightly that,

this life just goes away,

and wrapped in you, i start to breathe,

in loves eternal day.





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