a pounding sound of hearts

i hear your voice,

the fear, the want,

the giving of your heart.

the pain i hear

in every breath,

is taking me apart.

i know you need,

im not sure how,

much i have to give,

yet i know,

that life without,

is just no way to live.

you say your locked,

you say your tough,

but all i hear is you,

reaching out

and wondering loud,

if i am reaching too.

and i right here,

cannot recall,

a time i wanted more,

yet here you are,

softly still,

opening that door.

so here i lay,

in subtle pain,

and listen to the tears,

feeling that,

perhaps its time,

to shelve our common fears.

i want to hold,

to calm your fears,

i want to give you all,

and yet i know,

how scared i am,

to join you in the fall.

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