tough to tell the truth sometimes,

when it points to where ive been,

dont want it known, what ive done,

what i gave and what ive seen.

speaks volumes, it does, it does,

of the mess inside my head,

open the can of naked truth,

to see the empty life ive led.

never was hard, never did pause,

to accept the things i did

all a part of the rolling need,

to feed the unsettled id.

then there came a time where i,

just couldnt answer straight,

has to do with much i do,

and think and feel of late.

taken aback, ive nothing to hide,

just say and tell it all,

but thing get blurry once you start

to think, and trip, and fall.

not sure why, not sure how,

not sure that i understand,

just trying to keep my place in the world,

while digging my heels in the sand.

and yet i pause, out of fear,

if the truth were to be told,

lest i hurt, with scathing facts,

the one whos hand i hold

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