blooms in the unwanted garden

seething with rage boiling over,

wrapped up in myself to a fault,

i grit my teeth and tighten my stance,

try to bring my mind to a halt.

dont want to feel, dont want to care,

dont want to not want to go,

a torrid moment with no room for hearts,

where loves bloom can never grow,

falling asleep, nestled deep,

comfortable and in perfect fit,

awake to reality strange and unknown,

smarting as if id been hit.

writhing in horror, i didnt want this,

i grit my teeth and turn,

knowing all while, while i can deny,

im feeling the scathing red burn.

with fingers as tines, digging deep,

i pick myself up now to go,

seeing the truth and reeling from how,

id recklessly let something grow.

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