a smaller world today.

my friend died today. a graceful, giving, elegant man, who did endlessly for others while always maintaining a tremendous sense of self. he built family, business, community; but mostly, what he built was a world of giving. i never saw him act without thought, i never heard him put anyone down, his patience seemed endless and his heart seemed larger than possible. what he did for me could never possibly be repaid and i regret not having sufficiently thanked him. i know though, that if i would say this to him right now, he would tell me not to thank him, but instead to make sure i was a success and to pass on the giving to others. i know he would say that. i also know, that i havnt the words to properly express my gratitude. how do you thank someone for giving you life, for anointing your dreams, for allowing you to see yourself as worthwhile, for taking you out of despair and putting you in a beautiful boundary-less  place of hope. i dont know that ive ever met such an intensely righteous man, someone so focused on giving to others and making the world a better place. i learned about family from him. what it means to value family, what it means to take pride in it, and how to ensure that ones family stays together, even when apart.  an honest, successful man so humble that he didnt take credit for his successes. he merely thanked g-d and pointed to all the folks along the way who had helped him get where he was. he spoke of hard work and applying oneself, of having a goal and reaching it and he looked at everything as if it were all possible, if one thought, one planned, and one worked. i learned life lessons from him. i learned love. love for family, love for friends, love for community and love for our fellow man. not because we are anything special, simply because we are. the world has suffered a loss today and i cry because i know. i know what is gone, what cannot be replaced, but i also know, that i can light a torch and carry it on, in his name, in his spirit, with the understanding that i do not live for myself. just as he did not live for himself. i cherish the time i got to spend with him, the difference he made in my life and i pray that like him, i too can make a difference. god speed my friend. i am honored to have called you that.

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