the eyes have

and so it goes, a night unfinished, a whetted want unspent,

moist thick air ‘neath foggy eve, a heady, thick, sweet scent.

wanted more, to see, to take, the velveteen bayou,

parting the clouds, to find therein a freshly fallen dew

riding on over softly sloped hills of faintly familiar space

the thought rides by, that perhaps its time to stop the endless chase.

look into the sky, i see so much, but im not sure what i see,

a full of something overflowing with pent up mystery.

start to go, and on a whim, i go back for some more,

taking of that soft sweet dream, i left upon the shore.

feeling the rain, hearing the call, i run out into the night ,

and moistened by natures perfect fall i spread my wings in flight.

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